General Information

Fraud warning

Sakhalin Energy cautions against dealings with any unscrupulous practitioners distributing via internet, e-mail and by telephone fictitious proposals for cooperation with a view to illegally receiving funds and wealth.

Fraudulent actions may involve using copied logos and document templates of Sakhalin Energy, fictitious contracts and letters, fabricated receipts from online banks and other forged documents. In doing so, the villains bear no relation to the company.

Please note that Sakhalin Energy carries on electronic business correspondence only from corporate servers and never uses free e-mail services. The company never uses online bank transfers to pay for goods and services.  Please be vigilant if someone makes you a doubtful offer.

In the event of receiving suspicious proposals for cooperation and in case of doubt concerning planned transactions with Sakhalin Energy, please immediately contact the company by emailing


Sakhalin Energy is constantly looking for suppliers of materials, equipment, and services. To take part in the Сompany's tenders, you need to do the following:

1. Register
Register your company at Sakhalin Energy Contractor Portal.

2. Apply for tender
In addition to mandatory registration procedure by type of work, materials and equipment, a vendor must register as a potential bidder for a certain tender.

Check the Tenders section for updates, and promptly confirm your intention to participate in a specific tender by sending a request to

3. Submit a bid
After receiving an invitation to tender, submit your bid in two languages in compliance with the terms and conditions of the tender.

For information on subcontracting, please refer to the Major Contractors List.

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