Green Office

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The company puts adopting environmental practices and creating favourable conditions for its employees in the office as one of its priority targets. The company’s offices work in line with the Green Office policies, which aim to reduce environmental impact and care for the planet’s and company’s resources.

The company implements the following Green Office policies:


Use of electric control equipment in fluorescent lamps; use of automatic indoor lighting control systems, outdoor motion sensor lighting; use of heat meters; use of heat supply control system that excludes the use of windows for room temperature control.


Use of water meters.


Electronic document flow system; printers set up for automatic double-sided document printing; purchase of paper eco-labelled as Paper made “without the use of chlorine in the recycled bleaching process.”


Separate paper, cardboard, plastic collection; collection and disposal of exhausted office machines, rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries, used office printer cartridges; choosing reliable suppliers who can remove and dispose of wastes.


Minimum purchase of disposable tableware, to be used only for major events; purchase of articles made of recyclable plastics.


Conducting environmental protection training, environmentally friendly materials in the labour safety and environment protection bulletins, publishing waste minimisation information on internal website, sending emails, placing posters on announcement boards at the assets, holding Paper Free Days.

Paper Saving

A lot of paper is being consumed during daily office activities. Reducing paper consumption could help save trees from being cut down, preserve energy resources and clean water needed for producing paper. This is also about saving the budget money of the company and maintaining consumables and office machines in working condition for extended periods of time.

Since 2017, the company has been holding Paper Free Days twice a year − on the International Day of Forests in spring and during the Paper Free Day international campaign in autumn. “Let’s make rational use of paper not only today but every day!” − this is what the company campaign is calling for. The printers in the company offices in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and at the assets are set up to print on both sides of the paper automatically. The YSoftSafeQ system, already implemented, is activated with an employee’s ID card helps to optimise and control printing in the company.