Energy Social Initiatives Fund

One of the corporate charity programmes, which is demonstrating a multifaceted and consistent approach of the Company with regard to social improvements in the host region, and is focused on urgent issues of the local communities was launched in 2003; as part of this programme, the most interesting and efficient ways to tackle local communities’ problems are identified.

Local support to such initiatives contributes not only to the problem solving but to making active citizens more sure that life could be improved, it increases public organisations’ potential as well. One of the Company's principles that it follows in the course of competitive selection of non-profit entities’ projects is the principle of openness and transparency. The projects are selected and evaluated by the expert council represented by the Company officers, the public and government authorities.

The priority areas of funds allocation are as follows:
• HSE and biodiversity conservation projects;
• environmental and educational activities and projects;
• cultural and arts projects;
• educational projects;
• projects aimed at increasing the population’s social activity;
• projects for organising services for vulnerable social groups (namely, social adaptation and rehabilitation of the most vulnerable groups: disabled children, elderly people, etc.);
• projects for sports development and
physical fitness promotion;
• projects aimed at development of volunteering;
• projects, promoting a healthy lifestyle and introduction of energy saving technologies.

Detailed information on the “Energy” Social Initiatives Fund is available at: