Sakhalin Road Safety Council

Road safety is a global problem. An important line of the Road Safety Programme is activity arranged as part of the Road Safety Council that was established by the Company in 2005. The road safety initiative partners are the Sakhalin Oblast Government and the Regional Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for Sakhalin Oblast.

The Road Safety Council is engaged in development and implementation of special projects aimed at reduction of the number of the road traffic incidents and the number of the injured in them. The Council activity is carried out along three main directions: the road infrastructure improvement project, support to the emergency response system development during RTI and educational and information initiatives.

Since 2005, a range of projects has been implemented as part of the Council, including: promotion of seat belt attachments and light-reflecting elements, projects aimed at development of pre-hospital aid during RTI as well as dangerous road sections outfitting. All the participants in the partnership programmes have contributed to the projects’ success.

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