Graduate development programme

If you are a university graduate or a young professional and are ready to take part in the Sakhalin-2 project, if you are able to overcome obstacles, make out-of-the-box decisions, and work effectively in challenging circumstances, if you are open to communication with representatives of different cultures and are a high achiever, and if you want to grow and manage teams, we will be willing to consider your application to fill vacant positions under the corporate Graduate Development Programme.

The main objective of the programme is to meet the Company's need for highly qualified managerial and engineering staff from among high-potential university graduates.

Who are we looking for?
University graduates and young professionals with:
• higher education relevant to the sought position,
• no more than three years of work experience,
• a grade-point average of 4.0 or higher for technical disciplines and 4.5 or higher for non-technical disciplines,
• an English proficiency level of upper intermediate or higher,
• glowing references.

Please direct your questions about the Graduate Development Programme to the Company's senior recruitment specialist:
Daria Lushchay, phone: +7 (4242) 66 2768,


What is Sakhalin Energy's Graduate Development Programme?

Sakhalin Energy LLC carries out systematic work to develop graduates and young professionals, which is an integral part of the Company's HR strategy and is aimed at meeting the Company's needs for highly skilled personnel (managerial, engineering, and technical) of the required quality and quantity who can contribute to the achievement of the Company's short-term and long-term goals. Taking part in the Graduate Development Programme is an excellent opportunity for promising talented university graduates to build a successful career at Sakhalin Energy.

What advantages does a job at Sakhalin Energy offer to graduates and young professionals?

• Knowledge of state-of-the-art technologies in the oil and gas industry.
• Experience working to international HSE standards.
• Continuous development of professional competences and soft skills.
• Career opportunities.
• Working in an international team.
• Practising and improving English language skills.

Where can I find vacancies for graduates and young professionals?

Vacancies for graduates and young professionals and relevant job descriptions can be found on the Company's website under Vacancies. Vacancies for young professionals have the word "graduate" in the English-language version of the site, and the corresponding Russian titles are labelled молодой специалист (young professional). Example: Graduate Process Engineer / Инженер-технолог (молодой специалист).

What should I do if I have not found a vacancy on the Company's website that matches my educational background or line of work?

If you have not found a vacancy you are interested in on our list, we suggest that you click here to register. This way, your CV will be available to our recruitment and onboarding specialists should new vacancies arise.

Graduates of which engineering and technical areas of specialisation are most in demand in the Company?

Graduates of the following engineering and technical specialisations are most in demand:
• Process and Production Automation,
• Oil and Gas Machinery and Equipment,
• Oil and Gas Field Development and Exploitation,
• Compressor Equipment, Machine Dynamics and Durability,
• Gas-Turbine and Steam-Turbine Units and Engines,
• Electrical Engineering, Power Engineering,
• Chemical Engineering,
• Offshore Field Development,
• Oil and Gas Engineering,
• Technosphere Safety.

Graduates of what non-technical areas of specialisation are most in demand in the Company?

Graduates of the following non-technical specialisations are most in demand:
• Global Economics,
• International Affairs,
• Management,
• Economics,
• Banking and Finance,
• Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

What requirements does the Company impose on applicants for graduate positions?

• Russian citizenship.
• Higher education relevant to the sought position.
• English language skills at Upper Intermediate (B2) or higher.
• Grade point average at graduation:
− 4.0 or higher for applicants for engineering and technical positions,
− 4.5 or higher for applicants for other graduate positions,
− 3.8 or higher for applicants for engineering and technical positions who are permanent residents of Sakhalin Oblast.

What documents are required in order for me to be considered for a graduate position?

When registering online, please attach the following documents:
• CV (in Russian and English),
• cover letter (in Russian and English),
• copy of your higher education diploma, including pages showing your grades,
• references (in Russian and English).
Your CV should include: grade point average at graduation; readiness to relocate to Sakhalin (if applicable); readiness to start work (tentative date); academic and professional achievements (from each job and educational institution); subject matter of your thesis; and English language proficiency according to the CEFR (A1 to C2). You are encouraged to include the following in your cover letter: any information that is not included in your CV; why you are interested in the job/Company; and how you see your future with the Company and in the profession you have chosen.

How are applicants for graduate positions screened?

The selection of applicants for graduate positions takes place in several stages:
• pre-screening of applicants,
• a talk with elements of a structured interview,
• a technical interview.

What are the variables assessed in the talk with elements of a structured interview?

The following three criteria are assessed when selecting applicants for graduate positions during the talk with elements of a structured interview:
• Analytical skills – the ability to make important decisions and come up with practical solutions after a thorough analysis of available information; the ability to focus on the key issues in spite of numerous complex and unclear factors; the ability to search for relevant information, critically examine existing approaches, and find solutions that take into account needs and possible implications.
• Achievements – the ability to achieve quality results through setting effective goals; proactively effecting change and overcoming obstacles; being able to work effectively in challenging circumstances, looking for opportunities to extend your area of responsibility and seeking feedback, understanding your strengths and areas for improvement, identifying opportunities for learning and development.
• Engagement – listening to and consulting with others, demonstrating the ability to influence people and give constructive feedback, communicating effectively with people from different cultures, and monitoring work progress.

How do you calculate the GPA of a diploma?

The GPA of a Russian diploma is calculated on the basis of the grades listed in the relevant supplement to the diploma. Please note that grades reported in a pass/fail format, grades for term papers, and grades for student internships are not factored into the grade point average calculation.

What should I do if I am a foreign university graduate?

Foreign university graduates should provide the grading system/criteria that are in place at their particular university. The next step is to convert from the foreign grading system to the Russian system to calculate the GPA. Grade conversion tables are available online. E.g., А - 5, В - 4.

Which categories of applicants have an advantage when being considered for graduate positions?

Sakhalin Oblast residents, university graduates who are participants in the Company's Educational Grant Programme, and graduates who have completed on-the-job/pre-diploma internships at the Company's production facilities and offices during their studies are considered as candidates for graduate positions on a priority basis.

What is the duration of a graduate’s participation in the Programme?

The project participation period is 1.5 to 3.5 years. The duration depends on the graduate’s major as well as his/her level of qualification and work experience.

What is the Programme's commencement date?

The Company has set no strict commencement date for the Programme. The Programme envisages that vacancies will arise throughout the year as graduates leave the Programme and vacate their positions. The dates of work commencement under the Graduate Development Programme shall be mutually agreed upon between the Company and the prospective employee.

What does the graduates' work schedule look like?

A graduate's typical working hours at the office are 9 am to 6 pm for men and 9 am to 5:12 pm for women. A graduate applying for an engineering position should be ready to switch to a rotational schedule (28/28 rotational shifts) in order to gain hands-on work experience at the Company's facilities (offshore platforms, OPF, or Prigorodnoye Asset).

What awaits a participant in the Programme?

• Participation in training and development events aimed at improving professional competences (at Gazprom's Corporate Institute).
• Participation in the Future Horizons modular programme aimed at building management skills.
• Opportunities for rotation to the Company's production facilities to gain hands-on work experience, including on international-class equipment.
• Participation in cross-disciplinary projects to learn best practices.
• Participation in the Mentoring Programme.
• Participation in an assessment of leadership skills using technology from the Assessment Centre.
• Participation in the activities of the Young Energy Graduates Club.

What does the Company expect from a graduate?

Participation in the Programme is a springboard for the Company's future leaders; it is therefore a big responsibility to take part in the Programme. Despite strong support from the Company, a graduate is expected to display initiative, own his/her tasks and projects, make mature and responsible decisions, apply an unconventional approach to problem solving, continuously develop, work diligently, and strive to deliver results.

What are the obligations of a graduate to Sakhalin Energy under the Programme?

When a graduate is taken on, he/she and the Company enter into an Agreement on Participation in the Graduate Development Programme, which defines the terms and conditions of participation in the Programme and stipulates the mutual responsibility of the Company and the graduate. Under the Agreement, a graduate must work at the Company for at least 3 years after leaving the Programme.

What happens if a graduate decides to leave the Company before fulfilling his/her service obligation?

Should a graduate leave his/her job of his/her own accord or be dismissed by the Company for breach of labour discipline or committing other wrongdoings for which dismissal is stipulated by law, such graduate shall reimburse the Company for the costs incurred by it for his/her training as follows:
• in case of dismissal while in the Programme or within one year after leaving the Programme, 100% of the costs;
• in case of dismissal during the second year of employment from the date of leaving the Programme, 75% of the costs; or
• in case of dismissal during the third year of employment from the date of leaving the Programme, 40% of the costs.