Occupational Safety
Special Assessment of Workplace Conditions
Industrial and Fire Safety, Emergency Preparedness
Road Traffic Safety
Occupational Health

Safety is about developing a safe workplace culture, raising awareness among Sakhalin Energy LLC and contractor employees of their personal responsibility for the state of industrial and fire safety, and fostering a zero-tolerance attitude towards violations of applicable laws and regulations.

Safety is the cornerstone of Sakhalin Energy's operations. This concept does not allow for exceptions.

Safety comes first: every one of us has the right and the responsibility to suspend any work if any safety violation is observed.

Safety is a way of life: we adhere to safety rules and regulations everywhere and at all times, including outside of the workplace.

Safety is our responsibility to society: we protect the nature of the island where we live and work.

Safety is a skill: we seek to cultivate it in the younger generation.

This approach has resulted in consistently high performance in the areas of occupational health and safety, industrial safety, and road traffic safety.

Sakhalin Energy LLC also ensures environmental safety and works to preserve the biodiversity of Sakhalin Island. Environmental control and monitoring are among the tools we use in conducting these activities.