Social programmes and projects

Energy Social Initiatives Fund
Safety Is Important
Hurry Up for Good Deeds Support Programme for Employees' Charitable Initiatives
Sakhalin Indigenous Minorities Development Plan
Preservation of the Cultural and Linguistic Heritage of Indigenous Peoples

Sakhalin Energy LLC is actively engaged in social activities. Large-scale and continuous investments in social activities and long-term policy aimed at resolving important social issues are consistent with the Company’s adherence to sustainable development principles. The Company's priorities for social programmes have been determined through consultations with the public. These include:
• Education,
• Safety,
• Environment and biodiversity protection,
• Culture and arts,
• Occupational Health,
• Sakhalin indigenous minorities.

The Company provides no individual support to people and no financing either to religious or political organisations or parties, nor to trips if they are the sole purpose of the project. Additionally, Sakhalin Energy LLC provides no financial aid to entities and institutions for the purpose of acquiring titles to land, bodies of water, real estate property, such as residential and non-residential premises, or other assets, whose transfer shall be registered according to procedures established by law.

Support for Sakhalin indigenous minorities is a focus area of Sakhalin Energy’s social programmes

A range of tools used in implementing social projects and programmes, such as competitive selection of socially important projects, volunteering, and private donations from the Company's employees, help solve public issues in the best and most efficient way. Key strategic programmes are implemented via partnerships with stakeholders, including public associations and government authorities.