Students: Internship

Sakhalin Energy LLC provides a unique opportunity for students of senior courses of Russian Universities to have Internship in the team of real professionals.

Internship in our company is an excellent chance to get practical experience, to gain and solidify theoretical training and to develop professional skills and aptitudes. Participation in the largest oil and gas project, via student internship, will give you the opportunity for professional growth and lay the foundations for a successful career.

Selection of students for internship shall be performed on a competitive basis.

Student Internship is held both in online and remote mode in 2023.

The selection priority will be given to:

Remote Internship is neither traditional Internship complete substitution nor its alternative. It is a new approach both in the situation of novel coronavirus spread and to answer the requirements of brand new digital reality.

Please get acknowledged with:

You can submit your documents for review to Talent Management Subdivision. Please note that the message you send should not exceed 5 MB size.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The Internship in Sakhalin Energy LLC provides students with the following opportunities:

  • Opportunity to immerse yourself in the professional environment and to get experience in the international team;
  • Opportunity to put theoretical knowledge into practice and prove himself / herself in a team of professionals;
  • Opportunity to get acknowledged with the latest technologies in the oil and gas sector;
  • Opportunity to get acknowledged with international requirements in HSES sphere;
  • Opportunity to get the necessary information for theses and diploma projects;
  • Opportunity to put into practice and improve English skills;
  • Opportunity to be considered for Graduates vacancies on a priority basis.

How can student get Internship in the Company?

It is necessary to study the information about Internship in the Company website, to submit the documents and to succeed in the selection.

What are the Selection Criteria for Student Internship in the Company?

The selection criteria for Student Internship in the company are:

  • Good academic achievements:
- GPA of 4.0 or above during the last two terms for University students studying in Bachelor’s and Specialist’s Degree Programmes;
- GPA of 4.5 or above during the last term for University students studying in Master's Degree Programme;
- GPA of 4.0 or above during the last two terms for Secondary Vocational Educational Institutions students.
  • Positive references provided by the University;
  • Conformity of the Internship Programme to the Company’s activities;
  • Positive feedback on the previous Internship with the Company (if applicable).

What documents are to be submitted to participate in the competition for Student Internship?

In order to apply for internship in the Company, the university students are required to provide following documents:

  • Application for Internship in the Company listing topics to study during the Internship, subject of term paper / graduation project, and internship period (in English and in Russian);
  • University authorities’ intercession for Student Internship in the Company (in Russian);
  • Internship Programme developed and approved by the University (in Russian);
  • CV (in English and in Russian);
  • copy of grade book or academic records with the GPA attested by the University authorities for University students studying in Bachelor’s and Specialist’s Degree Programmes − for two previous terms; for University students studying in Master's Degree Programme − for the last term;
  • References from the place of study and / or work (in English and in Russian);
  • Copy of passport;
  • Copy of Taxpayer’s Identification Certificate;
  • Copy of Pension Insurance Certificate;
  • Consent for processing of personal data;
  • Standard Internship Agreement (entered between the University and the Company once the Internship in the Company is officially confirmed).

What is the deadline for submitting documents for the Internship?

The deadlines for documents submission are:

  • 1 November, for winter Internship;
  • 1 April, for summer Internship.

How many students usually compete for an Internship slot? What is the competition?

Competition for Internship in Sakhalin Energy LLC is traditionally high. For example, the Company receives more than 200 applications during the competition for Summer Internship. As a result of the competition, the opportunity to have the Internship is given to 50−60 students.

How is selection of students for Internship in the Company performed?

Selection of students for Internship in the Company is performed on a competitive basis as for any Company vacancy and includes two stages:

  • Competition of documents;
  • Interview with the prospective Internship Supervisor.
  • Recommendation: one should prepare for the interview thoroughly (to read the Company information, to think over questions to the interviewer and to stick to the interview time).

May a student of a part-time form of study apply for Internship? Or a student of a foreign University?

Internship is organised only for students of a full form of study who study at Russian Universities.

Students of what year of study are accepted for Internship to the Company?

The Company accepts Bachelor’s Degree 3rd and 4th year’s, Specialist’s Degree 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th year’s and Master’s Degree 1st and 2nd year’s students for Student Internship.

For how long will feedback be provided on obtaining documents for participation in the competition?

Feedback on obtaining documents for the competition to have Internship in the Company is provided to candidates by email within three business days. If you don’t get any feedback within three business days, you should make an additional request to make sure that the documents have been received.

For how long will feedback be provided on the results of the selection for Student Internship in the Company?

Feedback on the results of the selection is provided to candidates for Winter internship  till 15 December, for Summer Internship − till 15 May.

What Production Assets can Internship be organised at?

Internship can be organised at Onshore Production Facility (OPF) and at the LNG plant of Prigorodnoye production complex. Internship can be alos organised at Company offices in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

What Organisational Units of the Company is Internship organised in?

Student Internship is organised depending on business needs and opportunities of the specific Organisational Unit of the company. Most frequently students have Internship in the following departments: PE Development, Well Planning, Construction and Maintenance Department, Onshore Assets Department, Supply Chain Management, Finance Control, IT and IM Department, Corporate Affairs Department, HSE Department, Shipping and Commercial Operations, etc.

Students of what majors does the Company accept for Internship?

The Company accepts students of the following majors:

  • Machinery and Equipment for Oil and Gas Production;
  • Compressors, Equipment Dynamics and Durability;
  • Gas and Steam Turbine Units and Engines;
  • Process and Production Automation;
  • Electrical Engineering, Electric-Power Engineering;
  • Process Chemistry;
  • Oil and Gas Field Development and Operation. Offshore Fields Development;
  • Oil and Gas Engineering;
  • Geology;
  • Environmental Safety, Health, Safety and Environment, Technogenic Safety;
  • International Economics. Economics and Management of an Enterprise. Banking and Finance. Business Administration. Management. Marketing.

What period may Internship be organised for?

Internship may be organised for the period from 3 weeks to 6 months in accordance with University study plan and taking into account the Company production schedule.

Is Student Internship in Sakhalin Energy paid?

Yes, Student Internship is paid.

Does the Company reimburse travel fares from the place of study to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and back and accommodation related costs?

The Company only reimburses these costs to students participating in Scholarship Programme.

What costs does the Company reimburse students who have Student Internship?

The Company reimburses the costs associated with the medical examination if there are documents confirming these costs.

Does the Company provide catering for students?

Students working in the company offices and at Prigorodnoye production complex are provided with hot lunch on working days at the Company expense.

Students working for OPF are provided with three meals a day at the company expense during the work shift.

Is there any type of reporting for a student to show the Internship results to the Company representatives?

By the end of Internship, a student is to prepare 15-minute final presentation to report on the Internship results to colleagues and Talent Management Subdivision specialist.

Students’ Feedback on Internship in Sakhalin Energy

Anton Zanin, Pacific State University, Intern of Offshore Assets Projects Delivery Subdivision

During the Internship period I got acknowledged with the activities and structure of Projects Delivery Subdivision, communicated with the colleagues from other subdivisions to get acknowledged with the peculiarities of their work. I got practical skills, studied the documents, got familiar with different types of drawings and with the order of performing different types of works. I also familiarised myself with the process of process flow schematic diagrams, reports, plans, cost estimations and scopes of work for every Engineering Discipline. More than that, I got to know the projects initiation and evaluation process as well as the choice of the best possible engineering solutions and projects handing-over.

I would like to get work experience and during the Internship I have had the opportunity to work out the execution plan of a real project that is being implemented by the company at the moment.

It was new for me to see in what way the project execution process is organised, how and wh ere specialists of different disciplines cooperate and how all subdivisions work as one team.

Elizaveta Tikhonova, Far Eastern Federal University, Intern of Recruitment Subdivision

I got various creative tasks, took part in personnel recruitment and conducted interviews. Due to this work I got new skills and improved the ones that I had possessed.

Internship in Sakhalin Energy gave me the valuable recruitment experience, priceless skills of team interaction, time management and proactivity skills.

Alexey Ivantsyv, Russian State University of Oil and Gas (National Research University) n.a I.M.Gubkin, Intern of Piltun Operations and Reservoir Surveillance

Sakhalin Energy is the company that gives great opportunities for development such as highly qualified Russian and foreign specialists, modern technologies, wide range of existing methods for solution of problems in harsh geological conditions. All the above mentioned is a great chance for a student to become a part of a considerable organised process, to assess your own knowledge and to make up your mind on your future career. That’s why my main task was to have Internship in the company.

The first thing I noticed is how Interns are treated. On the first Internship day I attended the safety induction and the information session regarding the working conditions, etc. I also had a meeting with my Internship Supervisor wh ere we shaped the Internship plan and set the tasks to be done.

It was surprising to see that safety rules are ranked so high in the company.

Working with real data has become great personal experience for me as well as participation in business meetings or discussions and the usage of English at the meetings and while working with the documents. I came across many oil and gas industry expressions and abbreviations in English for the first time ever. More than that, I got familiar with the methods of petrophysical analyses that were new to me.

Yulia Zinovyeva, Russian State University of Oil and Gas (National Research University) n.a I.M.Gubkin, Intern of Astokh Operations and Reservoir Surveillance

During the Internship I expected to get new skills, to spend that month being of benefit for the company and for myself and to add value to the company.

I was very lucky with my team and I felt to be part of it. Within a month I worked in Petrel. My colleagues taught me a lot, so I became a more advanced Petrel user. Now my maps are on the walls of my Subdivision and that is very pleasant to know. On top of all this, I managed to develop English speaking skills and to overcome the language barrier.

We get theoretical training at the University, but I came across practice in the company. I was able to study new things and to sharpen the knowledge I had had. I also got many pieces of advice from my Coach and colleagues both for building a career and for getting the necessary technical skills.

Dmitry Koshkin, Russian State University of Oil and Gas (National Research University) n.a I.M.Gubkin, Intern of Process Engineering / Process Control

Having the Internship in the company I realised that all company values listed in the web site are not a mere text. There are people writ large united by the same goal working in the company. Friendly terms and professionalism prevail among them. All the above mentioned create the working environment which is pleasant to study and work in.

Valentina Likhachyova, Moscow State University n.a. M. Lomonosov, Intern of Piltun Operations and Reservoir Surveillance

This summer I had the Internship in Sakhalin Energy for the second time. Needless to say, this Internship is a great break-through for me. This break-through is in the knowledge as the information is more easily absorbed in the company than at the University.

I came to have the Internship to get the experience that will be useful in my future career as a Reservoir Engineer. My expectations were met, and I even exceeded my targets. My Internship Supervisor provided me with the opportunity to take part in a real project implemented by my colleagues. And I both gained experience and added value to my Subdivision activities.

Working under the international expert’s supervision was totally brand new for me. Mostly, the communication between us was in English and this tremendously contributed to my knowledge of English.

Alexandra Borzdyko, Higher School of Economics, Intern of Budgeting and Reporting

I was astonished by managers and specialists’ professionalism. The company unites the best experts of oil and gas industry. But the most important thing is the employees’ ability to be easy to get in touch with, to help to go into the difficult matters and the desire to explain and to instruct, in my opinion.

Fedor Kuandykov, Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Intern of Maintenance Planning

I got acknowledged with the unique system of maintenance and repair planning that is in the scope of the Subdivision I had Internship in. I also got familiar with the company activities in the whole and with the LNG plant activities in particular.

Natalia Bogova, Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Intern of Process Engineering / Process Control

I am very glad that I got my first experience in Sakhalin Energy. I came across with the documents in English for the first time, so studying technological processes was more effective and allowed me to identify the areas for development.

I found myself in the outstanding team of Process Engineers whose experience and knowledge I was really interested in. I anticipated to feel the company working environment and to merge into the work process. Reality matched my expectations!

Having the Internship helped me to set new goals and to make up my mind wh ere and how I want to build my career.

Anna Rozhkova, Sakhalin State University, Intern of Accounts Payables & Operational Banking Team

I had two Internships in Sakhalin Energy. Notwithstanding the fact that both Internships were in the same company, they were completely different. In Accounts Payables & Operational Banking Team students can prove themselves as team members, demonstrate their strengths and show how they act in different situations. Surely, this must be one of the main factors of my success as I had the opportunity to merge with the work process and to become a member of the team. I believe that during Internship it is very important to project your strengths such as stress resistance, hard work and a host of other competencies. Student shouldn’t be afraid of making mistakes and should seek help from his/her colleagues and Internship Supervisor.

Konstantin Sipin, Russian State Geological Survey n.a. S. Ordzhonikidze, Intern of Approvals Subdivision

Apart from filling the gaps in special knowledge, I got a distinct vision of my further path instead of ill-defined idea about the profession.

Daria Islamova, National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University, Intern of Recruitment Subdivision

Applying for Students Internship in Sakhalin Energy, I realized what experienced employees work in the company and what immense responsibility I will have for the fulfilled tasks.

Having had the meeting with Head of Recruitment Subdivision, I understood that I would be given the tasks that I would perform alongside with my colleagues.

Internship in Sakhalin Energy provided me with the opportunity not only to get the experience but also to improve such soft skills as disciplined approach and communicative skills. Working in Recruitment Subdivision strengthens your willpower!

Vadim Ivanov, Far Eastern State University of Transportation, Intern of Operation, Maintenance and Construction of Non-production Assets Subdivision

It was very interesting to get the experience in Sakhalin Energy, e.g. to communicate with the leaders of the profession and to study how to maintain documentation in English. I may safely say that all my Internship expectations were met.