Students Internship

Sakhalin Energy LLC provides a unique opportunity for senior students of Russian universities to complete a student internship in a team of true professionals.

An internship at our Company is an excellent chance to gain hands-on experience, solidify theoretical knowledge, and enhance professional skills and competences. Participating in a leading oil and gas project opens up opportunities for professional growth and can be your first step towards a successful career.

Students internship is undertaken in person.

Candidates are selected on a competitive basis. During the selection process, priority will be given to:
• Sakhalin Energy Scholarship Programme participants;
• Sakhalin Oblast residents.

Please read:
Student Internship Procedure (Selection Criteria, List of Required Documents);
Memo on Document Execution;

You can submit your documents for review to the Talent Management Subdivision. Please note that the message you send should not exceed 5 MB in size.

Additional materials (download):
Application form in Russian;
Application form in English;
Consent for personal data processing;
Request form from the university's administration office;
Internship programme;
• Standard internship agreement (provided upon formal confirmation of eligibility for internship).

Frequently Asked Questions

An internship at Sakhalin Energy LLC gives students the opportunity to:

• immerse themselves in a professional environment and gain international teamwork experience;
• put theoretical knowledge into practice and prove themselves in a team of professionals;
• get acquainted with cutting-edge oil and gas technology;
• get acquainted with international HSE standards;
• obtain materials and data required for coursework and theses;
• practise English and improve their English language skills;
• apply for Graduates vacancies on a priority basis.

How do I get an internship at Sakhalin Energy?

Familiarise yourself with the internship information on the corporate website, submit required documents, and pass pre-qualification.

What are the qualification criteria for internship candidates?

The criteria for candidates applying for an internship at Sakhalin Energy are as follows:
• good academic performance:
- GPA of 4.0 or above for the last two university semesters for Bachelor’s and Specialist students;
- GPA of 4.5 or above for the last university semester for Master's students;
- GPA of 4.0 or above for the last two semesters for secondary vocational students. Important! Graded tests, course papers, and results of student internships are not taken into account when calculating GPA.
• Positive references provided by an educational institution;
• Congruence of the Internship Programme with the Company’s activities;
• Positive feedback obtained after completing internships at the Company (if applicable).

What documents are required to qualify for the student internship competition?

To apply for an internship at Sakhalin Energy, you need to submit the following documents:
• Personal application for an Internship in the Company (in English and in Russian);
• Internship Request Form from the University's Administration Office (in Russian);
• Internship Programme developed and approved by the University (in Russian);
• CV (in English and in Russian);
• Copy of the grade book or academic records with the GPA for the last two semesters certified by the University’s Administration Office;
• References from your place of study and/or work on university or company letterhead (in English and in Russian);
• Copy of passport (pages 2, 3, and 5);
• Copy of Taxpayer’s Identification Certificate;
• Copy of Pension Insurance Certificate;
• Consent to personal data processing.

What is the deadline for submitting documents for an internship?

The document submission deadlines are as follows:
• 1 November – for winter internship;
• 1 April – for summer internship.

How many students usually apply for an internship slot? What is the competition like?

Competition for an internship at Sakhalin Energy LLC is traditionally high. For example, the Company receives more than 200 applications during the competition for the summer internship. As a result of the competition, 50-60 students are offered an internship.

How are students selected for an internship?

As with any other vacancies in the Company, students are selected for internships on a competitive basis, and the process includes two stages:
• Document screening;
• Interview with the potential supervisor.
Recommendation: You should prepare for the interview thoroughly (read information about the Company, think in advance about questions for the interviewer), and be on time for the interview.

Is a part-time university student eligible for a student internship at the Company? Or a student of a foreign university?

Internships are only available for full-time students of Russian universities.

In what year of study can students be accepted for an internship?

The company accepts 3-4 year Bachelor's students, 2-5 year Specialist students, and 1-2 year Master's students for internships.

Within what timeframe does the Company confirm receipt of the application documents?

Candidates shall get an email confirmation regarding the receipt of their application documents within three business days. If you do not get confirmation within three business days, please inquire further to make sure that the documents have been received.

Within what timeframe does the Company provide feedback on candidates’ applications for an internship?

The results of the selection process shall be available by 15 December for the winter internship and by 15 May for the summer internship.

Which of the Company's production assets offer internships?

Internships can be arranged at the Onshore Production Facility (OPF) and at the Prigorodnoye LNG plant. Internships can also be organised at the Company’s offices in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

Which structural units of the Company can organise internships?

Student internships are organised based on the business needs and opportunities of a particular structural unit of the Company. Most students complete an internship in the following structural units: Field Development Department, Well Design, Construction and Maintenance Department, Onshore Assets Department, TD Business Support Department, Supply Chain Management (SCM) Department, Finance Control Division, IT and IM Department, Corporate Affairs Division, HSE Department, Shipping and Commercial Operations, etc.

Students of which specialities are offered internships at the Company?

The Company accepts students pursuing the following majors:
• Oil and Gas Machinery and Equipment;
• Compressor Equipment, Machine Dynamics and Durability;
• Gas-Turbine and Steam-Turbine Units and Engines;
• Process and Production Automation;
• Electrical Engineering, Power Engineering;
• Chemical Engineering;
• Oil and Gas Field Development and Exploitation. Offshore Field Development;
• Oil and Gas Engineering;
• Geology;
• Environmental Safety, Occupational Safety, and Technosphere Safety;
• International Economics. Economics and Corporate Management. Finance and Credit. Business Administration. Management. Marketing.

What is the duration of a student internship?

A student internship can last from 3 weeks to 6 months, as dictated by the university's curriculum and the Company's production schedule.

Does Sakhalin Energy pay students for internships?

Yes, student internships are paid.

Does the Company reimburse travel costs from the place of study to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and back and accommodation costs?

The Company reimburses these costs only to students participating in the Scholarship Programme.

What expenses does the Company reimburse to students undertaking an internship?

The Company reimburses costs associated with preliminary medical screening, provided that there are documents confirming these costs.

Does the Company provide meals for students?

Students working in the Company’s offices and at the Prigorodnoye Asset are offered meals on business days at the Company's expense. Students working at the OPF are offered three meals per working shift at the Company’s expense.

Is there any reporting on the results of internships?

Upon completion of an internship, students are required to prepare a 15-minute presentation on the outcomes of their work and make a report on the progress and results of the internship for the relevant structural unit and a representative of the Talent Management Subdivision.