Preparedness for and response to natural disasters and man-made emergencies

Sakhalin Energy's preparedness for and response to man-made emergencies and natural disasters is ensured by keeping with Russian laws and regulations, international conventions, and other statutory documents governing the safety of potentially hazardous production facilities.

Pursuant to Federal Law No. 68-FZ, dated 21 December 1994, "On Protecting the Public and Territories from Natural Disasters and Man-made Emergencies", and the RF Government’s Decree No. 794, dated 30 December 2003, "On the Unified State System for Emergency Prevention and Response", and in order to prevent and respond to natural disasters and man-made emergencies, Sakhalin Energy has a unified system for emergency prevention and response in place, which includes management bodies, resources, and means.

The system's main coordinating body is the Emergency Prevention and Response and Fire Safety Commission, which has the following functions:
• arrangement and implementation of civil defence (CD), emergency prevention and response measures, and management of resources and means during emergency response,
• alignment of resources and means deployed in response to emergencies, accidents, and fires at the Company's facilities,
• engagement with executive bodies, stakeholders, and public associations, as well as with the Company's organisational units and assets,
• drafting proposals for a unified state policy on civil defence measures, emergency prevention and response, fire safety, and the safety of people on the Company's water bodies.

The resources of the unified emergency prevention and response system are comprised of certified non-professional emergency response teams (NERTs) that remain in a state of constant alert. The NERTs have all the equipment, machines, tools, and PPE required to respond to accidents, fires, natural disasters, and man-made emergencies.

NERT rescuers are regularly tested for their preparedness to respond to accidents, fires, natural disasters, and man-made emergencies.

A high level of preparedness to respond to accidents, fires, and emergencies at Sakhalin Energy's assets is achieved through systematic simulation of emergency scenarios involving the Company's organisational units, contractors, and professional emergency response teams and services.

In order to ensure readiness to contain and respond to emergencies, accidents, and oil spills, the Company has entered into contracts with professional emergency response teams for the following:
• onshore OSR operations,
• offshore OSR operations,
• well control operations,
• gas rescue operations.

Pre-planning documents have been drawn up for all potentially hazardous facilities to ensure prompt emergency response using Sakhalin Energy's resources and means:
• plans for the prevention of and response to natural disasters and man-made emergencies,
• oil spill prevention and response plans,
• firefighting plans,
• accident containment and response plans.

In order to manage resources and means while responding to emergencies, accidents, and fires, to exchange information, and to notify the public of emergencies, the Company has a day-to-day management body of the unified emergency prevention and response system, the Emergency Duty Officer, whose tasks include:
• receiving incident reports from the Company's employees, contractors, and the public,
• notifying and informing the Company's employees,
• aligning the activities of and managing the Company's resources and means,
• arranging information exchanges with government agencies,
• information support in decision-making on the protection of the public and territories against emergencies and on civil defence.

You can contact the emergency duty officer
• via the hotline: 66 2500,
• or by email: