Environmental Protection

Industrial Environmental Control
Environmental Monitoring
Climate Change
Biodiversity Conservation
Cultural Heritage Sites
Oiled Wildlife Rescue

Environmental Management System
Sakhalin Energy's environmental protection activities are carried out in accordance with Russian laws and regulations, taking into consideration the requirements of international standards and international best practices in the oil and gas industry.

The Environmental Policy is the main strategic document of the environmental management system, which sets out the general directions and principles of the Company with regard to environmental performance.

Principles of the Environmental Management System:
1. Environmental compliance
2. Environmental risk management
3. Prevention of adverse impact on the environment
4. Mitigation of environmental impact
5. Improvement of process efficiency
6. Adaptation to climate change
7. Ensuring competence and raising environmental awareness
8. Ongoing information exchange

To improve its environmental performance, the Company continuously improves the suitability, adequacy, and effectiveness of its environmental management system.

The Company pays special attention to environmental risk management and environmental impact assessment.

Sakhalin Energy implements a range of administrative and technical measures designed to mitigate adverse environmental impacts and improve the level of competencies among Company and contractor personnel, and develops and implements industrial environmental control, environmental monitoring, and biodiversity conservation programmes.