Wildlife Rehabilitation

Oil and spills can cause serious harm to Sakhalin's coastal and marine fauna. In keeping with its biodiversity conservation commitments and international best practices, Sakhalin Energy has developed and is implementing an Oiled Wildlife Response Plan. The primary focus is on the rescue and rehabilitation of affected birds.

Russia's first temporary wildlife rehabilitation site (WRS) was established on the grounds of the Prigorodnoye production complex in 2011, marking an important milestone in the plan’s development. If required, a WRS can be deployed within the facility's technical area in a matter of hours.

In addition, to ensure wildlife response preparedness in the central and northern parts of the island, Sakhalin Energy has also provided field equipment kits for the capture and primary stabilisation of oiled animals at the OPF and the Gastello PMD.

Effective wildlife rescue requires careful planning and 24/7 preparedness, which is why company employees take part in regular drills and training. They are comprised of two main components: theoretical instruction and hands-on training. Hands-on training is provided in searching for and capturing birds on the seashore and in the methods and techniques of plumage cleaning at the rehabilitation site.

The Company's specialists also take part in annual OSR exercises, allowing them to continuously improve their oiled wildlife response preparedness.

The Company conducting wildlife (bird) rescue drills, 2014.