Occupational health

Occupational health and safety of employees are the Company’s top priorities. Occupational Health and Safety Standard developed and approved by Sakhalin Energy. 

In accordance with the Company’s corporate standard, consistent efforts are taken in the following strategic areas:

1. Maintaining an effective emergency medical response system at all assets and offices of the Company.
2. Employee health check-up management. 
3. Containment and control of outbreaks and pandemics. 
4. Introduction of an occupational risk assessment system in terms of the impact of work environment factors on the health of employees. 
5. Management of Industrial Assurance to ensure compliance with sanitary regulations and occupational health and safety management systems.
6. Development of the corporate I-Health programme aimed at promoting a culture of health among employees and their families.

Employee incidence rates are regularly analysed to develop and implement measures to improve working conditions and prevent diseases, as well as to promote healthy lifestyles.