Industrial and fire safety, emergency preparedness

Industrial Safety

In accordance with Russian laws and regulations, Sakhalin Energy LLC has an industrial safety management system (ISMS) in place, which is a unified system for planning and implementing measures to minimise the risk of accidents at its production facilities. Sakhalin Energy's ISMS has the following mandatory components:

1. Industrial safety assurance is exercised through a set of administrative and technical measures aimed at ensuring the safe operation of the Company's production facilities.

2. The procedure for industrial safety training and certification of Sakhalin Energy's employees is divided into an industrial safety training and certification system for the Company's managers and specialists, and a system for training in safe work practices and techniques and testing Company employee knowledge of occupational, industrial, and fire safety requirements.

3. The system for ensuring the safe performance of work (provision of services) by contractors at the Company's production facilities establishes the mandatory requirements for all employees of the Company, its contractors and subcontractors who perform work and/or provide services at the Company's sites.

4. The system for investigating and tracking man-made industrial safety events at the Company's production facilities is aimed at identifying and analysing the root causes of events, working out measures to prevent similar events across the Company's sites, and minimising emergency risks, risks of bodily injury to the Company's employees and to third parties, risks of property loss, and risks of damage to the environment.

Fire safety, emergency prevention and response

Fires, natural disasters, and man-made emergencies can be very dangerous to human life and health.

Sakhalin Energy LLC pays special attention to fire protection, emergency response, and improving the competence level of its employees in fire safety and in the prevention of man-made emergencies.

Sakhalin Energy has developed and operates an effective fire safety and emergency prevention and response system across its facilities.

All employees undergo training in their areas of specialisation, with production facilities conducting regular emergency response and firefighting exercises, as well as fire evacuation drills.

Implementing this whole range of measures enables the Company to ensure the safety of its employees and effectively prevent fires and emergencies across Sakhalin Energy's sites.

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