Sakhalin Energy Tells about Its Experience at the Russia EXPO-Forum

Sakhalin Energy tells about its experience and industry trends at the Sakhalin Oblast stand at RUSSIA EXPO, an International Exhibition and Forum that lets the residents and guests of the capital have a look at the achievements of all regions of Russia.

This February, oil and gas industry, which is a key industry for the region, has become the main topic of the island's exhibition. The refurbished Sakhalin stand is one of the most memorable – it is quite fitting that it has turned into a massive gas carrier, providing entertainment for both the children and adults. During the three weeks dedicated to oil and gas industry, the stand featured a massive drill bit and an oil and gas field development model which allowed to quite literally “drill down” to the offshore subsurface, becoming the centre of attraction for all attendants of the exhibition.

Many visitors of RUSSIA EXPO at VDNKh noted that the programme of the Sakhalin Oblast stand presented a variety of topics and formats of discussion. It featured lectures from the company's experts and cultural and business events in the three main sections: human resources, production, and safety culture. Young employees of the region's oil and gas industry and senior managers of Sakhalin Energy acted as speakers.


The career guidance section included meetings with students of specialised universities, master classes and quests for the young visitors of the exhibition, and thematic film screening. Today, production documentary film making is actively developing as an effective tool for career guidance and place branding, attracting young specialists to the company and, at the same time, increasing the territories’ attractiveness.

A lively discussion regarding career opportunities was held on the HR Policy Day at an interactive session dedicated to the company's practices in the field of personnel development and recruitment of high potential staff. They include the first Energy Cup corporate case championship that fits into the concept of the Industrial Tourism Accelerator. For many students of the country's leading universities, the case championship has become an opportunity to try their hand at their future profession in order to build a career in a prestigious company. For this purpose, Sakhalin Energy has a corporate training system that covers all aspects of the Sakhalin-2 project activities.


As part of the Production section, the company showcased the key achievements of the Sakhalin-2 project with a focus on the specific features of offshore field development, including the specifics of liquefied natural gas production. This day, the practical experience of Sakhalin Energy is extensive enough to be a guideline for resolving many issues. These include technical solutions related to operation of equipment in low temperatures and innovative engineering developments that support sustainable operations of the facilities in an earthquake zone.

The Company is actively evolving and achieving outstanding results at the same time. With the launch of the first Russian liquefaction plant, Sakhalin became the centre of the new large-scale LNG production industry. At the region’s stand, exhibition attendants had an opportunity to learn about one of the most rapidly growing branches of the economy and about the geography of the liquefied natural gas market, its advantages, and secrets of producing this symbol of the energy transition.


The third section of the extensive programme was dedicated to safety – a key aspect of operations in the oil and gas industry. It included lectures on various aspects of safe behaviour (household, road, fire, hiking, water, first aid). In addition, the company showcased an innovative personnel training method in virtual reality and the use of VR equipment for Life Safety Fundamentals classes in schools. On the World Environmental Education Day, open discussions and awareness sessions, interactive games and educational ecology classes were held at the Sakhalin Oblast stand.

RUSSIA EXPO runs until July 8, as instructed by President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. This is an excellent opportunity to catch up for those who have not yet attended the exhibition.



26 February 2024