Sakhalin Energy Calendar Wins the 2024 All-Russian Corporate Calendar Contest

Календарь_Связь времен.jpg

The Link of Times: Time of the Firsts tear-off calendar that is dedicated to the history of discovering Sakhalin Island has been recognised as the best in the Territory Promotion category. The calendar features the explorers and discoverers of the region. Ivan Krusenstern, Gennady Nevelskoy, Grigoriy Zotov, Anton Chekhov – these are just some of many other great names forever inscribed in the history of Sakhalin and Russia.

The calendar plays back memories from the past to convey to the reader the significance of achievements made not only by our outstanding predecessors, but also by the Sakhalin-2 professional team that have been implementing the project in the only island region of Russia.

The stories of past discoveries and today's victories for the benefit of the region unite the heroes of the past and present in their ambition to be strong and their willingness to be first. This link of times is symbolic for the 30th anniversary of the Sakhalin-2 project.

This year, the professional jury has evaluated a record number of projects to include 77 calendars of major Russian companies and leading advertising agencies. Compared to the last year, the number of contestants has increased by more than a third, the range of themes and formats of calendars has expanded, and their graphic design has become more diverse.

All editions are displayed at the Spiral of Time exhibition in the XX Century State Literary Museum in St. Petersburg. The residents and guests of St. Petersburg will have an opportunity to visit the exhibition until early May 2024.

22 April 2024