The Treasures of the North: Masters and Artists of Russia – 2024 Exhibition Immerses the Guests in the World of Unique Cultural Traditions

The 19th International Exhibition and Fair, the Treasures of the North: Masters and Artists of Russia – 2024, has been opened in Moscow. This annual event demonstrates the culture of the indigenous peoples of the North.

This year the traditional forum is held in the very center of Moscow − the Central Exhibition Complex Expocentre. Here Muscovites and guests of the capital can immerse themselves in the magical world of ancient traditions and get acquainted with unique works of artists, see the performance of northern songs and dances, taste national cuisine, take part in master classes. In addition to communication and exchange of experience, a business programme awaits the participants of the exhibition.

Welcoming the guests the exhibition, Grigory Ledkov, Senator, President of the Association of Indigenous Minorities of the North, Siberia and the Far East of Russia, noted that every year the site is filled with events and competitive nominations, and each of the 600 representatives attending the event this year fr om more than 20 regions could take part in them and feel themselves as members of a large family of indigenous minorities.

A distinctive feature of this year's Treasures of the North is the Women's Lounge. It was initiated by the Association of Indigenous Minorities of the North, Siberia and the Far East of Russia, the Eurasian Women's Forum and Sakhalin Energy following the First Forum of Women of the North held in June last year.

Natalia Gonchar, Head of Corporate Affairs Division of Sakhalin Energy, addressing the participants and guests, noted: "The Women's Lounge is not only a new format of the business programme. It is also the first interregional exposition with a special atmosphere and agenda, wh ere women leaders will be actively speaking".

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The stand of the Women's Lounge is decorated in the form of a chum − a traditional dwelling of the peoples of the North. One of the most ancient words on Earth − "mom" − is written on its fabric elements in the languages of indigenous ethnic groups of the country. After all, it is the mother who personifies the female principle, teaches the native language and plays the role of the guardian of the family hearth. The new area is a symbol of a common home, a place to unite all women from the North − representatives of small indigenous minorities of the North, Siberia and the Far East.

As part of the agenda of the Women's Lounge, each of them will share their experience and skills within a five-day business and creative programme dedicated to the North − boundless and multifaceted. Strategic and expert sessions, discussion platforms, business dialogues, master classes and business meetings will be held in four key areas.

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The Multilingual North agenda is designed to discuss the preservation of native language and culture, while the Stylish North programme is dedicated to the development of creative industries. Participants of the Ecological North platform will take part in a dialogue on climate change and the importance of preserving the ecosystems of the North, Siberia and the Far East as a condition to continue traditional economic activities. The Tasty North agenda will surprise the guests with culinary traditions and offer master classes on cooking national dishes. 

Galina Samenko, a member of the delegation of the indigenous peoples of the North of the Sakhalin region is talking about the plans of the island team participating in the exhibition: "Sakhaliners take part in all events of the forum's competition programme. A new participant in the creative competition will be an immersive theater production Nivkhgu based on four Nivkh fairy tales. The knowledge they carry unites all small ethnic groups, thanks to which the culture of indigenous peoples continues to live and develop. Uniting the actors and the audience on one stage, the performance will be a gift for every guest of the fair".

The Treasures of the North exhibition is open until 3 May.  

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29 April 2024