Treasures of the North International Exhibition and Fair Summarises Results

For five days, the Central Exhibition Complex Expocentre was hosting the 19th International Exhibition and Fair, the Treasures of the North: Masters and Artists of Russia – 2024, where one could get to know the unique cultural and spiritual heritage of the indigenous minorities of Russia.

 A distinctive feature of this year's Treasures of the North was the Women's Lounge. It united the participants both symbolically and territorially to become the first interregional exposition offering a non-stop intensive business and creative programme.

As part of the Multilingual North agenda, the participants were discussing modern approaches to teaching the native language, while getting acquainted with literature by indigenous authors.

The exhibition also included the Tasty North, a whole day agenda devoted to the culinary traditions of indigenous minorities, offering master classes on cooking traditional dishes, and discussions on gastronomic tourism.

There was also the Stylish North section designed to discuss the engagement of women of the North in creative industries, in particular, the development of national arts and crafts, their integration into design, fashion, book publishing, production of household items, children's toys.

A session on the Climate and Ecology of the Russian North was the highlight of the Ecological North platform. For the first time, indigenous minorities and the exhibition participants had a chance to discuss the climate agenda and environmental issues relevant to the territories inhabited by the indigenous peoples of the North, Siberia and the Russian Far East.

“This year, the Sakhalin delegation was able to attend all the events of the exhibition programme, particularly the Women's Lounge. During the forum, it was important for us to share our own experience and learn fr om others. The session on the climate agenda paved the way for a dialogue between the relevant government authorities, experts, NGOs and the indigenous community,” Svetlana Sangi, a representative of the Sakhalin delegation, Chairperson of the Regional Council of Authorised Representatives of Sakhalin Indigenous Minorities, shares her experience of participation in the exhibition.

It was the Women's Lounge section that received a special prize of the International Exhibition and Fair, the Treasures of the North: Masters and Artists of Russia – 2024.

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“We opened the Women's Lounge as a platform of interregional communication on the most urgent topics of the day for women in leadership roles. We are glad to see that it has become the major focus of the fair, a hotspot wh ere participants never stop communicating and exchanging experience. We hope that the platform will become an integral part of the International Exhibition and Fair, the Treasures of the North,” says Yulia Zavyalova, Senior Specialist of Sakhalin Energy's Corporate Affairs Division.

As usual, the exhibition included the Nomadic North Festival, an all-Russian competition festival of cultures of indigenous minorities of the North, Siberia and the Far East of Russia. The TheatreLee studio of the Sakhalin Regional Centre for Folk Art became the winner in the Theatrical Performance nomination with immersive theatre production Nivkhgu, based on Nivkh fairy tales. The unique theatre production, which was born in pursuance of the Cultural Strategy implemented by Sakhalin Energy, is already well known to Sakhalin residents.

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Two Sakhalin craftswomen, Veronika Osipova and Olga Sadinova, have been announced as the winner and the laureate in the Best National Folk Art competition programme in the Souvenir Crafts category.  

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Next year Moscow will be hosting the event again: the organisers and participants have already started preparing for the 20th International Exhibition and Fair, the Treasures of the North: Masters and Artists of Russia – 2025.

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3 May 2024