Sakhalin Energy LLC prioritises safety. This concerns not only production and environmental protection aspects but also the ability to live in conditions of frequent natural disasters: earthquakes, tsunamis, avalanches, forest fires, and snowstorms.

Children are especially vulnerable in the face of danger. The “Safety is Important!” programme, implemented since 2005 jointly with the Sakhalin Chief Administration of EMERCOM of Russia and the Sakhalin Ministry of Education, is intended to help children acquire lifesaving skills.

The central figure of the programme is the cartoon character Senya, a boy who maintains an active lifestyle and who knows and follows the rules of safe behaviour while helping out his friends who constantly get into various kinds of trouble.

When the programme was created, it was mainly targeted at primary school children; as the programme developed, the target groups (teachers, students of general education institutions and their parents, and the citizens of Sakhalin Oblast) changed as well.

Depending on the main target audience, a set of tools was developed to maximise the effectiveness of communicating the rules of behaviour in a potentially dangerous situation. The programme is being developed in several key areas, including:
1. Creation of educational cartoons (42 cartoons as at September 2023).
2. Development of comics, board games, and guidelines for teachers.
3. Arrangement of dedicated Life Safety classrooms in schools in 12 Sakhalin municipalities.
4. Organisation of social and cultural events and educational awareness campaigns (thematic contests, Safety Day, Water Safety, Safety Rules for Skiing and Snowboarding at Gorny Vozdukh, Travel Safely, etc.).
5. Special projects implementation.

Examples of special projects:

The Senya Warns project involved installing warning signs in 12 regions of Sakhalin in areas prone to avalanches and tsunamis that contained information on basic actions to be taken in a hazardous situation. It was the first such project in Russia.

The Water Safety Is Important awareness campaign involved installing information signs with key rules of safe behaviour near lakes and rivers in four summer camps located near water bodies (in Korsakov, Kholmsk, and Aniva districts). Educational materials (leaflets, postcards, and puzzles) were also developed and handed out to children's institutions in Sakhalin Oblast.

The Expansion of Information Coverage of Safety Standards and Rules of Behaviour in Emergencies project involved installing information and warning stands in large, highly trafficked shopping centres and in cultural and health care institutions in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Korsakov, and Kholmsk.

Creation of Household Safety, a board game handed out to all schools in Sakhalin Oblast.

The Virus shall not pass! information campaign, aimed at developing correct behavioural patterns during epidemics/pandemics. During the awareness campaign, a new cartoon was presented in four districts in Sakhalin, a regional creativity competition was held (with more than 400 participants), and the theatre event “The Virus Shall Not Pass, or Rules to Save the World” was held.