Social Investment

Environmental Projects Aimed at Salmon Preservation

Sakhalin Salmon Initiative (2004–2012)

The Sakhalin Salmon Initiative is a partnership project supporting the preservation and sustainable use of Sakhalin’s wild salmon and salmon river ecosystems. In 2004–2012, the initiators and main partners of the Sakhalin Salmon Initiative were Sakhalin Energy and the Wild Salmon Centre international non-profit organisation. The programme activities included the creation of the All-Sakhalin Salmon Monitoring Programme, development of a conservation strategy for the north-western Sakhalin priority river basins, promotion of sustainable fisheries and support of educational programmes.

The project’s major achievements include development of such educational programmes as the Droplet and Salmon Watch, as well as the establishment of public salmon councils in 6 regional districts. The programmes were implemented through the combined effort of the authorities, water resource users, researchers and local people working on conservation activities. Fisheries of the Smirnykh and Nogliki Districts received certificates from the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) confirming that salmon farming in the north-east Sakhalin was organised according to international standards and impaired no damage to the surrounding ecosystems.

Save the Salmon Together

The Save the Salmon Together Project continues and develops educational activities that began under the Sakhalin Salmon Initiative. It is being implemented by the Sakhalin regional public organisation known as the Boomerang Club. The website offers children interactive games and quizzes, as well as the Droplet and Salmon Watch programmes, which are famous on Sakhalin.

“How Ivan Saved the Wonder Fish”, a Sakhalin Puppet Theatre stage performance, became part of the Save the Salmon Together environmental education project. The performance was included in the theatre’s repertoire as of June 2013.

Five Centuries of the Russian Art

In 2014, the Sakhalin Art Museum held Five Centuries of the Russian Art Exhibition.

Five Centuries of the Russian Art is a joint project initiated by Sakhalin Energy, St. Petersburg State Museum of Art and the Sakhalin Museum of Art. The exhibition was part of Sakhalin Energy’s 20th Anniversary celebrations as a gift to the residents of Sakhalin.

The exhibition presented icons of the 16th and 17th centuries, the works by Ivan Ugryumov, Vladimir Borovikovsky, Ilya Repin, Karl Bryullov, Ivan Shishkin, Arkhip Kuindzhi, Alexander Benois, Ivan Aivazovsky, Alexey Savrasov, Pyotr Konchalovsky, Zinaida Serebryakova. As part of the exhibition, Scientific and Practical Conference and Musical-Literary Soiree were held. Museum volunteers school was organised.

The highly artistic works of painting, the examples of the main stylistic trends, the evolution of genres, and the creative work of the masters of the Russian school of art demonstrated the history of Russian art.

12 thousand people visited the exhibition during one month (with the average attendance of 3 thousand people). More than 200 tours were conducted that were attended by the people from the regional centre, by the residents of Kholmsk, Aniva, Korsakov, Uglegorks and other cities located much closer to Saint-Petersburg (namely, Arkhangelsk). The entrance to the exhibition was free.

Chekhov and Sakhalin

Several projects implemented with the Company's support were dedicated to Anton Pavlovich Chekhov's travel to Sakhalin and his life in Sakhalin. In xxxxx May be My Statistics will be of Help ... was published (Sakhalin correspondence of A.P. Chekhov) with the Company's support provided. Later, Sakhalin and Chekhov website was created (link to the website that offers a virtual tour to the Sakhalin museums of Chekhov, one can go from one hall to another and approach individual sights. The website also offers A.P. Chekhov and Sakhalin electronic full-text database. The database contains scanned copies of the published sources that were used by A. Chekhov when he was preparing himself for his travel to Sakhalin.

Veterans’ Project

The Company is striving to preserve the memory of the Great Patriotic War for future generations through veterans’ projects.

The Company has been working with the Sakhalin regional veterans’ council. A large-scale joint project was implemented that was dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the victory in World War II. 541 Sakhalin veterans received direct help. Another large project was implemented that was dedicated to the 65-anniversary of the victory in World War II “My Victory” ((Link to the Company's website). Sixty-five (65) video-clips where Sakaliners shared their memories about the war years were shown on one of the Sakhalin TV channels and at the information portal. Today, those video-clips are available in the libraries and educational institutions. There were another 65 projects that were supported by the Company as part of the grants’ competition: The 65th Anniversary of Great Victory - 65 deeds of the Energy Social Initiatives Fund as well as upgrading of three best school museums and rooms of combat glory. During the year of the 70th anniversary of the Great Patriotic War, taking care of the participants in the War and war workers was in the Company's focus of attention. Following the tradition, the Company handed over a cheque to the Regional Veterans Council. A plenary meeting of veterans’ organisations and activists who work with veterans across Sakhalin was held that was supported by the Company.

In 2013, the Company launched an exhibition dedicated to the veterans who live in all Sakhalin districts. All district veteran councils received gifts. The material shown at the exhibition was handed over to the libraries.

The Company Information Centres were set up in 23 libraries that take active part in the Veterans Project.

The Mysterious World of Ainu People

In 2011, the Sakhalin Regional Art Museum and Sakhalin Energy organised an exhibition called the Mysterious World of Ainu People. For the first time in the Russian Far East, the world's largest collection of paintings by famous 19th century Japanese artist Hirasawa Byōzan, depicting the Ainu culture, was exhibited. The exact number of survived paintings of this master is unknown. Currently there are 60 known pieces.

Besides a unique series of 12 watercolours from the 1860s from M.A. Vrubel Omsk Museum of Fine Arts collection, the exhibition also includes works by Sakhalin artist Natalia Kiryukhina and Ainu artefacts from the Poronaysk Local History Museum collections.

Charity instead of Souvenirs

Since 2009, the Company has been collaborating with the Life Line Charitable Foundation for Seriously Ill Children and is now involved in the “Charity instead of Souvenirs” project, which raises money to help children with severe heart and brain diseases get treatment.
By buying souvenirs released by the foundation as part of its activities, Sakhalin Energy not only provides financial support for the Life Line, but also becomes the owner of unique New Year gifts.

The World of Equal Opportunities

The World of Equal Opportunities Programme strives to improve the material and technical base of the rehabilitation centres and to facilitate the social adaptation and integration of the people with special needs by developing their creative abilities. Under the programme, the Company has given new equipment to the Sakhalin Regional Rehabilitation Centre for Physically Challenged Children and to the Aleksandrovsk-Sakhalinsky Specialised Orphanage in order to introduce new programmes for the social rehabilitation of the children with disabilities.