Korsakov Partnership Council

The Company is implementing social investment/sustainable development programme in Korsakov district where first Russia's LNG plant and Oil Export Terminal are operating. Since 2004, the programme has been managed by Korsakov Partnership Sustainable Development Council, an efficient and transparent tool for monitoring the programme implementation, which meets the interests of various parties. Korsakov Partnership Sustainable Development Council consists of 9 members: three from each party. Sakhalin Energy, Korsakov municipality government agencies and the public. The Council evaluates applications to the competition, selects the projects to be financed, provides for transparency of expenditures as part of social projects implementation and conducts monitoring and assessment of the projects, for which the funds have been allocated.

The Company provides financing on a competitive basis as part of the two competitions: long-term partnership competition and short-tern projects competition Korsakov Initiatives.

The projects’ themes are as follows: Safety, HSE and biodiversity, education, culture and arts, and people health protection.

The competition is held twice a year. Public defence of short-term projects is conducted at the Projects Fair. The decision on the project financing is made by the public of Korsakov district.

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