Special assessment of workplace conditions

In accordance with the Federal Law of Russia dated 28 December 2013 No. 426-FZ On Special Assessment of Workplace Conditions, Sakhalin Energy LLC implements a range of activities to identify harmful and (or) hazardous factors in working environments and labour processes, as well as to assess the impact they have on employees, taking into account deviations of the aforesaid factors’ actual values from the hygienic standards established for working conditions and the use of individual and collective protective equipment for employees. The results of special assessments of workplace working conditions are used to establish classes (subclasses) of working conditions in workspaces.

The results of a special assessment of workplace conditions may be used to develop and introduce actions to improve the working conditions of employees, keep employees informed about working conditions in their workspaces, provide employees with personal protective equipment and equip workplaces with collective protective equipment, establish guarantees and compensations for employees, and resolve any issues as to whether or not employee illnesses are caused by the exposure of employees to harmful and/or dangerous occupational hazards at their workplaces, as well as for other purposes as provided for by federal laws and other regulations of the Russian Federation.

Summary of Special Assessments of Workplace Conditions