Preservation of the cultural and linguistic heritage of indigenous peoples

More than 180 peoples live in the Russian Federation, of which 40 are indigenous minorities of the North, Siberia, and the Far East. These peoples have a unique culture, immense potential, and historical experience. Today, it is increasingly difficult for indigenous minorities to maintain their traditional livelihoods and preserve their national and cultural identity.

Sakhalin Oblast is a multi-ethnic region, the historical homeland of four major ethnic groups of Sakhalin indigenous minorities: the Nivkhs, the Uilta (Orok), the Evenks, and the Nanais.

According to UNESCO, all Sakhalin indigenous minorities’ languages are endangered or on the verge of extinction. Mother tongue education and the availability of necessary literature play a leading role in preserving the languages, cultures, traditions, and identity of indigenous minorities.

At the same time, serious problems in the preservation of linguistic and cultural heritage can be solved only with practical cooperation among the state, business, and civil society.

One of the objectives of Sakhalin Energy LLC is to contribute to the sustainable development and growth of indigenous peoples’ potential, including preserving, developing, and promoting their unique cultures and languages. For many years, the Company has helped conduct linguistic and folklore research and publish books in the native languages of Sakhalin indigenous minorities, including books based on their folk literature. Sakhalin Energy supports traditional economic activities, publishes corporate promotional materials in the style of Sakhalin indigenous minorities, initiates and implements educational, cultural, and sports projects at various levels, etc.

Key projects and events:
The 80th anniversary of Vladimir Sanga, a classic of Nivkh literature
The World of the Nivkh exhibition in St. Petersburg
The Power of Traditions exhibition project
International Decade of Indigenous Languages