"World of the nivkhs" exhibitio in St. Petersburg

For the first time in the history of Sakhalin culture, exhibits from the collections of regional and municipal museums telling about the rich traditions of the island's indigenous peoples were presented at one of the largest museums in the country, in the city of St. Petersburg. The exhibition "World of the Nivkhs" opened to the general public thanks to a project carried out by the State Russian Museum and the Sakhalin Oblast Museum of Art with the support of Sakhalin Energy.

The central part of the exhibition consists of works by masters from the collections of Sakhalin museums, which were first presented under a project titled "Preservation and popularisation of the cultural and linguistic heritage of the Sakhalin Nivkhs" dedicated to the 80th birthday of Vladimir Sangi in November 2015. The exhibition was met with great interest from its visitors.

The exhibition project "World of the Nivkhs" promotes the prestige of Sakhalin's cultural institutions and the creation of a Russia-wide cultural space.

The exhibition's highlights included the presentation of a CD of Vladimir Sangi's fairy tales. The tales in the Nivkh language are narrated by the author, and in Russian – by famous Russian actors.

The project also featured round tables, lectures, and masterclasses.